Armagos is a music composer, producer and sound designer with a unique approach to creating intense and experimental soundtracks. His music combines elements of orchestral, acoustic, electronic and traditional genres to create imaginative and diverse soundscapes and contains an emotional core of striking intimacy and sensitivity.


Based in Athens, Greece, he studied piano and music composition under Makis Palakas. From 1998 to 2003 he studied music at the University of Athens. He has performed regularly both in various music groups and as a soloist.


His strong interest in film music was the inspiration for the digital collection “The Lonely Piano” which includes atmospheric and colourful piano compositions and was released this summer.


Since 2013 he has composed music for 4 albums with songs in the greek language: “To e tou iliou”, “Aposhisi”, “Agnosti Poreia”, “Stin alli ohthi”.





“The lonely piano” is  Armagos ‘s first  solo project with piano improvisations.


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Armagos has been working on several projects this year, including “West & East”, a collection of pieces for piano and the traditional greek cretan lyre.

His recent works include the music for two operas: “The disgrace of Cyclops” (libretto: Yannis Filias) and “Bluebeard” (libretto: Xenia Rodotheatou).

He also composed music for the play “The Dragon” by Evgeny Schwartz (direction: Ioanna Bakalakou) which is presented the summer of 2019 in Athens.


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